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Cloud-Based POS
By switching to our cloud-based POS system, you can access your company’s data instantly and from virtually anywhere.
Lightning Fast
We developed MasterPOS to be the fastest POS on the market. No more sluggish transactions or confusing interfaces for employees.
Employee chat
Stay connected with the whole team. Real-time chat lets you send and receive messages, links, and business data.
Stay informed with a customizable notification system. Receive updates instantly on important transactions and metrics.

Powerful features that unify
communications, inventory, sales data, and more

Improved transaction experiences with a simple, easy-to use point of sale features that give you flexible options for calculating totals, discounts, split payments, and returns
Bring all the pieces of your business together under one service that will streamline multiple processes
Flexible calendar options that allow you to synchronize tasks with employee schedules
Create detailed CRM profiles that will help you cultivate loyal customers
Prepare and record customer shipments directly through the MasterPOS app
Track employee shifts, hours, pay, and commission from anywhere
Understand stand your business with customizable data reports that’ll give you insights
Merchant services that allow you to process payments securely, quickly, and at competitive rates
Organize your whole business under one, powerful, fully integrated platform
Find what you need, when you need it, with the simplicity of cloud-based software that’s accessible from anywhere
Profit-driving software that streamlines internal and customer-facing processes so that you can focus on growth
First-in-class data protections that bring security to you and your customers personal and financial information

Powerful Features
That works hard so you won’t have to

Real-time notifications

Stay informed with notifications sent directly to your phone.
Sales & reports
Get notifications for important sales through the app or receive end-of-day reports.
Inventory updates & alerts
Receive critical information about stock, count notifications, and inventory transfers.
Employee clock & communication
Track employee hours, overtime, sales history, and communications from anywhere.
Sales Performance
Total Profit

Multi-Location Dashboard

Optimize inventory and sales by comparing all of your locations in one, convenient dashboard.

See purchases and invoices by date and location

Study a 360°portrait of your customer

Access data anywhere via cloud-based POS

Switch between backend and frontend seamlessly

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Data Security & Privacy

With the highest levels of PCI compliance, your business’ sensitive data and your customers’ private financial information are protected from hackers and scammers. All card and financial information is encrypted immediately at the payment for P2PE (Point-to-Point Encrypted) protection.

An intelligent payment solution for any device

MasterPOS integrates the most advanced features into apps compatible with any device.
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EMV cards integrations
We partner with the most respected credit card companies, making it incredibly simple and easy to sign up with MasterPOS and begin processing approved EMV transactions in a matter of minutes.
An intuitive POS
·        Our POS interface is intuitive and easy to use, reducing transaction, return, and receipt delivery times. Back-end tools allow for customized settings that will improve the way you manage your business.
Cloud synchronization
·        Synchronize a team of devices, including cell phones and smart pads, and access all of your business’ data and transaction history from anywhere with powerful cloud-based management tools.

Designed with hundreds of retail models in mind

Every business has unique features and needs. We did our research and designed a POS system that’s incredibly flexible in order to meet the needs of every business.

Designed for modern retailers

Advanced features and cloud-based flexibility in the palm of your hand.
Barcode Scanner
Receipt Printer
Cash Register
Credit Card Reader

Streamlining your retail business is easy with MasterPOS

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When you’re ready to start selling, download the MasterPOS app for iPad, PC, Mac, or Android.
Connect your Hardware
We provide support for integrating our powerful POS software with printers, cash registers, bar-code scanners, and card swipers.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say:

“Thank you for providing fast response services, custom design, and user-friendly web admin programs. Since was handled by Lawwave Design, ASTF window films have become increasingly popular with many people. Anyway, Lawwave Design is really recommended.”

Michael Jhon, Rolex

“In our business, a fast POS system is everything. Customers want their coffee and they want it fast. An easy payment process encourages them to chat up and befriend our baristas and to leave better tips. MasterPOS allows our employees to complete transactions in just seconds while also keeping notes on the regulars’ favorite drinks and snacks.”

Ruth Fisher, Nike

“MasterPOS has streamlined our clothing boutique from top to bottom. With every sale made, our inventory list is updated and we get automatic updates when it’s time to restock items. Not only that, but MasterPOS also makes it super easy for our sales associates to track their commission, analyze the market, and improve their strategies. Our employees love this POS.”

Lola King, Premier

“With the wide variety of clothing and sports gear we carry, organization and inventory issues are always a struggle. But with MasterPOS and its cloud-based system, we are now free to communicate and track inventory from anywhere. MasterPOS also allows us to bring our POS system with us on the road, from sporting events to community gatherings, we can now make sales through our phones and mobile card readers. ”

Mario Cambell, L’oreal
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